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NFL News Roundup: Eagles' Kevin Kolb, Packers Make Moves, CBA Possible

I'm going to try something new around here. Because Kansas City Chiefs news doesn't exactly flow rapidly in the offseason, I figured we'd try to do a daily post looking at some of the stories across the league.

Suggestions on a name for this (hopefully) daily post are welcome. Here's some news around the league today...

Three teams are considering a trade for Eagles QB Kevin Kolb. Why wouldn't you make a run at Kolb if you needed a quarterback? The market is bare at that position, as it usually is, so if I'm a team like, say the 49ers or Cardinals, I think long and hard about this trade. The price for a quarterback was never a big deal to me. For example, if I thought Kolb could be an above average starter, I'd hand over a first round pick without thinking twice. Heck, I'd even think about handing over two of them. Your quarterback, if he's good, will be around for a long time, so don't sweat the price. My two cents.
Packers coach Mike McCarthy gets contract extension worth $5.5 million per year. This should be of some interest to the Chiefs, who after this season may have to address Todd Haley's contract. According to various reports, Haley signed a four-year contract, which means he's halfway through. Teams generally don't let coaches head into lame duck years so, if all goes well (or not terrible), I could see Haley receiving an extension next year.

Speaking of the Packers, A.J. Hawk's contract looks similar. The Packers LB recently signed a five-year deal worth nearly $34 million. LB Derrick Johnson's extension earlier in the year was said to be worth $34 million over five years. DJ received $15 million in guarantees along with a huge 2010 base salary (taking advantage of the capless year).

Raiders get a new defensive coordinator. Chuck Bresnahan was also in Oakland from 2000-03. Will it make a difference? We'll see but the Raiders defense has been on the verge of breaking out for a couple years now. It probably won't help that CB Nnamdi Asomugha will likely be gone.

Pats owner Robert Kraft thinks it's possible to do a labor deal this week. Well, I'd hoep some think it's possible. We'll see if Clark Hunt's presence on Tuesday helps.