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Clark Hunt Joins NFL, NFLPA Negotiating Session

It's the biggest story in sports this year and Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is joining the fray. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt will join the NFL's negotiating team on Tuesday at the federal mediator's office as they continue to work towards a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFL Players Association.

This is interesting news because the NFL has previously been criticized for the lack of owners at the negotiating table. Some think the owners give the impression they're not completely serious about getting a deal done with owners don't shot up to the table.

Hunt joined the talks on March 2nd along with almost all of the NFL's labor committee (on which he resides). On Monday, New York Giants owner John Mara attended the talks. It's unclear if he'll be there today.

Let's hope the two sides are making significant progress with these few remaining days. Reports last week said another extension is unlikely so this may be it.

As I said on Kansas City's local NBC affiliate Friday afternoon, the Chiefs can't afford to run fans off -- a blackout scare in December in a playoff run is evidence of that -- so let's hope Hunt is one of the driving forces behind getting a deal done.

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