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Latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft Has Chiefs Going Defense

SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL mock draft is out and they have the Kansas City Chiefs going defense once again with Baylor DT Phil Taylor, who recently got good reviews at his pro day. We've already talked about the pros and cons of picking someone like Taylor so I wanted to drop in a few thoughts I had on the mock draft, which you can view at

-We've seen the Chiefs go defensive tackle, offensive line, receiver and linebacker in mock drafts. Clearly, those are the positions folks have targeted as needs and I can't say I disagree too much. There are legitimate arguments for each of those positions.

-This mock draft has QB Cam Newton going No. 1 to the Panthers and QB Blaine Gabbert No. 4 to the Bengals. That's an interesting combo, especially the Cincy pick. If Carson Palmer is serious about retiring if he's not traded, the Bengals may have no choice but to go quarterback.

-WR Julio Jones is going to the Rams with the 14th pick. Too bad he won't drop to Kansas City. You all know how much I want him on the Chiefs

-OL Mike Pouncey is joining his brother in Pittsburgh. The Chiefs don't really have a need at guard but Pouncey's versatile and, after the success of his brother last year, you wonder how high he can go.