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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/7

Welcome to another week, Chiefs fans. Today's Kansas City Chiefs news includes notes from the 101 Awards, news of a new book on Lamar Hunt, and a look at what some Chiefs players were doing in the hours leading up to a possible NFLPA decertification. Enjoy.

The negotiators for the NFL and the players along with the staff of the federal mediator George Cohen were off the grid for the weekend. Hopefully, they were resting, preparing and ready to begin talks on Monday that will lead to an agreement that will keep football on the field and out of the courtroom.

It's a huge week for a lot of reasons. If the next five days fly off the calendar without an agreement, don't count on their being another extension. This week the two sides will either get close to an agreement or they will be farther apart and a lockout will be on.

 An Important Week... Monday Cup O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Todd Haley has been to the 101 Awards twice before. On both occasions, he watched the national portion of the program from the tables in the crowd. 

Saturday night was different.

Instead of heading to the 101's solely as a presenter of team awards, Haley was one of the seven national honorees highlighted at the 41st edition of the prestigious NFL awards ceremony.

Dick Haley Presents Son with National Coaching Award from The Mothership

Let's catch up on some AFC West weekend headlines:

Several Chiefs' players are planning to get together on their own next month if there is a lockout. I think it's a great move by these young Chiefs. They know they have a good thing going in Kansas City and they are planning to do what it takes to not fall too far behind. That's a sign of a mature group of players.

Weekend AFC West Notes from ESPN

On Tuesday of last week, two days before the initial deadline, three player reps for the Kansas City Chiefs e-mailed teammates to ask if they were still comfortable with decertification. Like every other team in the league, the Chiefs had unanimously authorized such a move in a vote during the 2010 season. Still, the threat of decertification was a speck on the horizon back then. Now it was a potentially foreboding monster. Within 24 hours, the reps received 35 responses. Each of them supported the move. By Thursday morning, eight more players reaffirmed their votes. Forty-three players, all with the same response.

Monday Morning QB from Sports Illustrated

The coach of those teams was Ben Bedini, who was at Rye for eight seasons and went 59-5.

The old coach isn't doing so well down home in Raleigh, N.C. He's 87 and has been diagnosed with a lung ailment called interstitial pneumo-fibrosis - which has no known cause or cure. It's progressive and irreversible, and Bedini can't walk 10 steps without being short of breath. He's hooked up to oxygen...

 ...Bedini later was the offensive coordinator at Fordham, and joined his friend Sam Rutigliano as a scout with the Cleveland Browns, and then Marty Schottenheimer with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Rye years are the ones that stand out, though.

No-nonsense Bedini Thankful for Years at Rye from

Author Michael MacCambridge, who wrote the best-seller "America's Game", now is working on another football book. This is a biography of Lamar Hunt, the man who was most responsible for the formation of the American Football League.

This book grew out of his research for "America's Game." While gathering material for that book, MacCambridge interviewed Hunt, president of the Kansas City Chiefs, for 25 hours. He found Hunt's story so fascinating, he decided to do a whole book on the Hunt family and the birth of the AFL.

NFL Notebook: Pro Football's First Power Couple from

Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry came back to Kansas City Saturday night for the 41st Annual 101 Awards. There's a Chiefs flare each year to the nation's only awards event dedicated exclusively to the National Football League.

Serving as appetizer to the main course, Charles was presented with the Chiefs Derrick Thomas MVP Award while Berry took home Mack Lee Hill Rookie of the Year honors. Kevin Ross was also officially introduced as the Chiefs 2011 Hall of Fame inductee.

Charles, Berry Take Breaks from Training to Accept Team Awards from The Mothership