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NFL Lockout: Negotiations For New CBA Resume Monday

Sometime Monday afternoon the NFL's team of negotiators which may or may not include a few owners will meet the NFL Players Association at federal mediator George Cohen's office to continue hammering out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

For a refresher on where we stand, the original deadline was last Thursday night, which was extended 24 hour to Friday night, which was then extended seven more days to the upcoming Friday. The two sides took the weekend off to strategize with their own team and they'll reconvene on Monday morning.

While the extensions suggest some progress has been made, the real momentum needs to happen this week. The two sides are still reportedly far off on how to split the revenue and we don't really know where they stand on things like the 18-game season, rookie wage scale and health care.

The two sides have been pretty good about not talking about the state of negotiations (though leaks always happen) and that's the best, although least entertaining, strategy to get a deal done. 

With five days to go, I'm feeling tired and anxious. First, I'm tired of talking about all this. We cover football and we haven't talked about any on-the-field football stuff in a while. Second, I'm anxious because the worst case scenario on Friday involves legal moves from both sides that you can't take back and creating significant consequences.