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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/6

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Good morning Chiefs fans. I have to be honest, there is not much reading here for you this morning. Luckily, the 101 Awards were last night and there are a couple of reports from there. Enjoy your Kansas City Chiefs news.

"We’ll just come up then, find somewhere to work out or just see what’s going on," Berry said. "I know we could work out somewhere. That’s the date we kind of set to come up and either have a meeting or something to kind of get on the same page.

"We’ll probably move toward something like that, just to make sure we’re all in accord. Our goal is to come out ahead. I’ve been talking to everybody in the off-season. They’re pretty much ready to go. Everyone’s been working out and getting ready for this upcoming season. We don’t know when it’s going to start but I’m pretty sure the Chiefs are going to be ready."

Chiefs Drafting Backup Practice Plans in Case of Lockout from KC Star

Chiefs coach Todd Haley, the AFC coach of the year, said he has been getting some grief for wearing his hair longer during the off-season, but he was in good company with Matthews and Polamalu, whose long locks have earned them shampoo endorsements.

"When I saw who was showing up," Haley cracked, "I was very excited, that I wasn’t going to have to trim mine too much."

101 Awards Notebook from KC Star

KC Star Photo Gallery: The NFL 101 Awards Held at Weston Crown Center

If the two sides weren't moving close to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, these talks already would have ended. The NFLPA would have decertified as a union to prevent an NFL lockout of players. Lawsuits and labor complaints would be getting filed. Players and team owners would be publicly kvetching.

And fans would be rolling their eyes at how two parties allowed a golden goose worth more than $9 billion in annual revenue to get cooked.

The NFL and NFLPA have wisely decided not to light that oven yet.

Extension Alludes to New CBA Soon from FOX Sports

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