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Brian Billick Talks Cornerbacks And The Kansas City Chiefs' Draft Needs

Former NFL head coach Brian Billick jumped on the FOX Sports YouTube channel a few days ago to talk about the draft needs of the Kansas City Chiefs. Billick threw out two names I had not seen associated with the Chiefs and the 21st pick: Miami CB Brandon Harris and Colorado CB Jimmy Smith.

Smith is the #3 ranked CB by NFL Draft Scout and Harris is the #4 ranked corner. Both are projected to go late in the first round or the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, which makes them ideal targets for the Chiefs who have the 21st overall pick. Billick also threw out a pass rushing linebacker to compliment Tamba Hali as a draft possibility for Kansas City.

A cornerback pick is an interesting one, considering the Chiefs are basically set with Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr as the starters. Skilled depth isn't necessarily a bad thing at that position. I suspect that Billick may think a cornerback like Harris or Smith may be the best player available at the 21st pick. A pass rushing linebacker make sense, as it seemingly always does in the first round. Who doesn't want a great pass rusher?

Any Hurricane or Buffalo fans out there have more info on Harris and Smith?