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Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel Could Be Involved If Players Sue League


Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel is one of nine name plaintiffs in the case the NFLPA is preparing to file against the NFL should the two sides fail to come to an agreement. 

If -- and as of now this is now a very big if -- the two sides don't come to an agreement, the union will decertify and file an antitrust lawsuit against the league, according to various reports.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Vrabel will join the following players whose names will be at the top of that lawsuit: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Logan Mankins, Vincent Jackson, Ben Leber, Brian Robison and Von Miller (Texas A&M LB yet to be drafted).

Anyone remember the Reggie White case in 1993 that got the players free agency? Similar situation here. You put your most popular, recognizable names at the forefront of a lawsuit -- in this case, Manning, Brees and Brady -- and the public, who does not do much (if any) research, will ideally, in the union's eyes, see those names and support the players.

Vrabel is on the NFLPA's executive committee and has been present for multiple days of negotiations at the federal mediator's office in Washington D.C.