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Chiefs Fifth Round Pick Safe After Lions Appeal Tampering Charge

The Detroit Lions appealed the tampering charge levied against them by the Kansas City Chiefs last winter and the appeal was successful...sort of.

The original punishment doled out by the league had the Chiefs and Lions swapping fifth round picks -- from the 23rd to the 9th pick in the round -- and Detroit losing a seventh round pick.

The Lions seventh round pick has been restored for the 2011 NFL draft but they will lose a pick in the 2012 draft instead -- we just don't know which one yet.

ESPN's Mike Sando first reported the news and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk followed up with a report that the Lions will lose a sixth round pick in 2012 if they make the playoffs and a seventh round pick in 2012 if they don't make the playoffs.

That's assuming we, you know, have a 2012 draft.

But rest easy, draftniks. The Chiefs 14 spot boost in the fifth round is safe.

(H/T Raiderhater1)