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Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara Reportedly Visiting Kansas City Chiefs

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And our Kansas City Chiefs draft interests table just got a little more interesting.

According to Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports, Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara has a visit planned with the Kansas City Chiefs. He's also visited the Detroit Lions and has visits planned with the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.

This is a very interesting workout even if it doesn't mean anything because Amukamara almost assuredly won't be around at the 21st pick. (He was picked seventh in the SB Nation 2011 NFL mock draft)

It brings up the Brandons -- Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr. The former is entering the final year of his contract and the latter was reportedly tendered. That means the Chiefs have some work to do, and some decisions to make, if they hope to keep both long-term. There's no doubt both are very good players. In a perfect world, both of them stay in Kansas City. Unfortunately, finances come into play and it'll be difficult to keep both of them in Kansas City long-term considering cornerback tends to be one of the higher-paid positions in the league. 

But it's good timing for this news to come out. In my interview with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli on Wednesday, I asked him if they spend anytime scouting players who are expected to be picked high in the draft when they're drafting at 21 like they are this year.

"We don't shut them off [but] we maybe don't do them as thoroughly," he said.

They do evaluate every player though, he said. He didn't mention this name but I will -- Blaine Gabbert. It doesn't make any sense for the Chiefs to spend a lot of time on someone like him because A.) he's likely not making it out of the top five and B.) a starting quarterback doesn't appear to be a high priority.

"For me to spend extra time on certain players that we know that there's no chance are going to make it to us, or that there's no real opportunity to trade up for...what you have to give up from 21 to get to a certain area in order to pick guys who will be top five picks, it doesn't make sense. But you still have to evaluate those players."

So I'm not exactly sure what Amukamara's visit to the Chiefs means, assuming the mock drafts are accurate and he's a likely top 10 pick. Perhaps it means Pioli feels there's a chance Amukamara falls to the Chiefs, or falls to an area where they could reasonably trade up. It's all a puzzle at this point so I'm not sure we can read too much into it but it's one of the more interesting workouts we've seen so far.