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Larry Johnson Is Hated So Much He Can't Get A Fair Trial In Kansas City

Well, well. Larry Johnson and his legal troubles are back in the news. This time however, it's about one of his many trials and not something incredibly stupid he did. 

According to the Kansas City Star, 2.7's lawyer was in Jackson County Circuit Court yesterday arguing that Johnson's trial, the one stemming from a 2008 incident in which he spit on a Lawrence woman outside of a KC bar, must be moved outside of Kansas City. 

Why? Because according to his lawyer, Larry Johnson is so hated in Kansas City that he can't get a fair trial in Jackson County. Johnson's lawyer Jack Bangert said, "If we can't get a change of venue in this case, it is insurmountable. We want to go anywhere but here."

Bangert went on:

[Bangert] showed Judge David M. Byrn critical newspaper articles, postings from sports radio websites and affidavits from two talk-how hosts, Soren Petro and Bob Fesco, attesting to the dislike of Johnson among sports fans.

I really wouldn't be surprised if they showed a few Arrowhead Pride posts in there somewhere. It's not hard to find people who hate Larry Johnson around here. Although, the plaintiff's lawyer seems to think that should be no problem. He said, "We all know people in Kansas City who are not Chiefs fans who have never heard of Larry Johnson."

Probably not many. For everyone's safety, I'd recommend the trial be moved elsewhere.