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Chiefs Bringing Back Cory Greenwood, Too

Earlier this week I handed out my projections of which restricted free agents or exclusive rights free agents the Kansas City Chiefs would try to retain and I said LB Cory Greenwood should be someone they keep around.

I was right.

Greenwood's agent confirmed to me this afternoon that his client will be staying in red next year. The Chiefs offered him a one-year contract, which he accepted.

Most everyone knows Greenwood's story by now. He was the third overall pick in the CFL draft last year but chose to come to Kansas City where he was a surprise special teams contributor.

So, what's next for Greenwood?

He said after the season that the Chiefs want him more involved. "They want me to learn the NFL passing game, be a third-down linebacker, contribute in more ways. It doesn't hurt to have more tools in the toolbox," he said.

This whittles our list down to 11 players we're waiting to hear about: TE Leonard Pope, RB Jackie Battle, C Rudy Niswanger, QB Brodie Croyle, TE Brad Cottam, FB Mike Cox, FB Tim Castille, S Reshard Langford, CB Maurice Leggett, OT Ryan O'Callaghan and LB Corey Mays.