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NFL Lockout: Deadline Extension Now A Possibility

On a day when I thought we would all be waiting for the worst news possible for football fans, we see a ray of sunshine. A small, itsy-bitsy ray, but a ray nonetheless.

ESPN's Adam Schefter sent out a pair of tweets a few minutes ago indicating an extension to the current midnight deadline in the CBA negotiations are now a possibility.
This is getting more interesting than most thought. Three sources: Extension of talks now a definite possibility. Doesn't mean it will happen, but owners pushing for an extension of talks. Players willing if owners make some concessions.        
First, don't get too excited. Let's be cautiously optimistic so we're not setting ourselves up for major failure. As a life-long Chiefs fan, my poor little psyche can't take too much more.

Second, an extension is the best case scenario right now. If there is no extension, then the NFLPA may have no choice but to decertify before 4:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time), causing the NFL to respond, and turning this into a lawyer battle.

Third, it's the owners pushing for the extension, according to various reports. Perhaps the leverage gained by the union in the latest ruling on the TV contracts changed the owners tune.

Who knows? At this point, i don't care as long as a deal is done, or the deal is extended.