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NFL Lockout Could Hurt Chiefs 2010 Rookie Class The Most

We just heard from FB Tim Castille who predicts a lockout would hurt teams that need to get their players into the offseason program, like the Kansas City Chiefs. I've been under that same belief, although others would argue missing a large chunk of the offseason wouldn't be as critical.

Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome said this week (via Pro Football Talk, via Baltimore Sun) that the 2010 rookies entering their second year that would be hurt the most.

"I think the group that could get hurt the most by the work stoppage is last year's draft class on all 32 teams," Newsome said. "Because this is where they get the opportunity to start from March to go all the way to Game 1, to work with coaches, to work with strength coaches and get themselves better and become better football players."

If that's the case, then this is concerning for the Chiefs. The rookie class was a major impact on their succes last year. That draft, along with the 2008 draft, will likely be a major part of whether the Chiefs have a shot at eventually hoisting the trophy that bears Lamar Hunt's name giving them the opportunity to play for the trophy that bears Vince Lombardi's name.

That said, I think Todd Haley was right when he suggested throughout the season that this class is ahead of the curve a little. I wouldn't worry too much about these guys doing whatever it is they need to do in the offseason to prepare for the season. Unfortunately, though, a lockout would mean their development may be hindered.