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Tim Castille Says Chiefs Need Offseason Program

Kansas City Chiefs FB Tim Castille does not have a contract entering the 2011 season but he does fall under the current rules in the CBA regarding restricted free agency. That means, if the Chiefs want, they can offer him a tender and possibly retain his rights next year.

We don't know yet if Castille has been offered a tender but I heard a radio interview he did with JOX 94.5 in Birmingham this week. He talked about a couple of things and made, in my mind, two important points. Here's what he said:
"I think that aspect of it is going to hurt [possibly not having an offseason due to the lockout]. Having younger guys on your team, you want to have the OTAs, you want to have the strength and conditioning. You want to be able to come in and have those guys be in your program, especially if you can add more talent through the draft and things like that.

"That part of it is going to hurt. I think that we're all on the rise as far as our team goes, getting another year with coach Haley and everyone in the system....I think it will work out well for us."

I took two things out of that.

First, Castille sure talks like a guy who thinks he's coming back to Kansas City. Does that mean he's been offered a restricted free agent tender? We should find out soon.

Second, he notes the importance of the offseason workouts. Though the Chiefs may be in good position to handle a summer-long work stoppage, the offseason program is perhaps more important for a young team like the Chiefs.