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No Sign Of KC Chiefs Lockout Practices Yet

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A few groups of players across the league are beginning to gather for offseason workouts/practices, including Philip Rivers and the Chargers, but we haven't heard of any Kansas City Chiefs players doing the same. (It's also possible they're working out together and we just don't know it).

When Chiefs S Eric Berry first brought up the possibility of offseason workouts in the event of a lockout I was a little skeptical that it would be a good idea for the players. My biggest argument was the injury factor. If they got hurt, the team wouldn't be responsible for anything.

Last week we tweeted at Chiefs OL Rudy Niswanger asking about practices during the lockout and he echoed the concern I thought many players (and/or their agents) would have: injury. Here's what Niswanger said last week:

[I]ts good for teamwork sake, but guys need to be careful cause if injured the team isnt liable. They can cut us and not pay. [G]ood to workout and run but we do that all offseason anyway. Be careful [doing] football stuff though. Keep the team focused.

Niswanger and Jon McGraw also talked about this in a Kansas City Star story last week

Any guesses on whether the Chiefs will get together and do anything? I like the team-oriented focus that something like this would bring but I have doubts as to whether it would actually be productive. My guess is that players will continue to work out on their own and we won't see any sort of organized practices. 

As you can probably tell, I'm desperate for some football talk. I want to see some routes run and footballs caught.