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Just How Serious Is Chiefs' Interest In Baylor's Phil Taylor?

We posted the results of our poll indicating that most fans think defensive line is the top priority for the Kansas City Chiefs and the 21st pick in the 2011 NFL draft. Specifically, most fans are referring to nose tackle.

The Chiefs are paying extra attention to one nose tackle -- Baylor's Phil Taylor.

We heard the Chiefs were going to work him out but now news comes from Jason La Canfora of NFL Network that they will work him out and bring him in for a visit. The Cleveland Browns are doing the same.

The double whammy of working him out and bringing him in for a visit suggests some serious interest from GM Scott Pioli.

That said, keep in mind, this is not only draft season but Liars' Season as well. There's a lot of information out there about Taylor and the workouts he has lined up. It has created a sense that he is in demand which could potentially cause some teams to take him higher than they normally would.

In other words, whoever is leaking this workout information about him is creating a nice bit of leverage for Taylor. All the signs point to the Chiefs having strong interest in Taylor but, as I said, it's Liars' Season.

Something to think about. When we think we know, we might have no idea.