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Poll Results Say Defensive Line Is Top 2011 NFL Draft Need For Kansas City Chiefs

On Monday we ran a poll asking Kansas City Chiefs fans to vote for which position the Chiefs should address in round one of the 2011 NFL draft. The Chiefs have the 21st pick and we've narrowed things down to defensive line, outside linebacker, offensive line and receiver as the top needs.

Here's a look at the results:
Defensive line (34%): For the most part this is about nose tackle. The Chiefs have Ron Edwards at that position but he doesn't have a contract next season so we're not really sure what his future is. If he doesn't come back, the Chiefs may turn to a rookie to compete with Anthony Toribio.

Outside linebacker (29%): This position made a late run and, with Mike Vrabel's future unknown, I can see why. However, the answer to this position may depend more on Andy Studebaker, who signed a three-year deal with the Chiefs last season. Josh Looney of has a story this morning talking outside linebackers.

Offensive line (17%): Personally, I thought this position would rank higher. I'm the sort of person that thinks, when in doubt, go with the size up front. My vote would go to offensive or defensive line at the top. I'd be fine with either.

Receiver (16%): This was also a semi-surprise. Receiver is a position a lot of fans get excited about because, well, it's an exciting position. I'm not sure if a first round receiver would be in the Chiefs best interests, though. I can see similar value in round two and beyond.