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KC Chiefs Worked Out Abilene Christian WR Edmond Gates Last Week

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We asked our readers in a poll on Monday to vote for which position the Kansas City Chiefs will address with the 21st overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft. Coming in fourth place was receiver, which seemed a little low on the list, but maybe folks think KC will hit that position a little later.

If that's the case, step on up, Abilene Christian WR Edmond Gates. He worked out for the Chiefs, as well as the Ravens, last week. Check out to see his draft journal talking about writing up a few plays on the board and running routes with the Chiefs and Ravens.

Here's a snippet from NFL Draft Scout but what you'll remember is that he was tied for tops in the 40-yard dash in Indy last month at 4.37 seconds (and did it with a groin injury).

During his individual workout, Gates was outstanding, looking more advanced than Bears WR Johnny Knox, another Abilene Christian alum who was named to the Pro Bowl as a rookie in 2009 and has done pretty well for himself overall in the NFL. Gates is every bit as good as Knox, probably better based on what we've seen of him. The fact that 22 teams showed up to watch Gates work out tells you how good he is. It's not like he was just an OK starter at a small school; he was a star. And he has backed it up in workouts.    

There's a lot of hype around him similar to Johnny Knox prior to the 2009 draft. Gates is projected to be a third round pick by plenty can change over the next month. Check out Mocking The Draft for more on Gates.

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