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One Month Out, Finding A Consensus On Kansas City Chiefs 2011 NFL Draft Plans

We've been talking about the 2011 NFL draft enough that you'd think the draft was tomorrow but, alas, it's still one month away. In fact, it's exactly one month away on April 28th, which is why I wanted to gauge the pulse of Kansas City Chiefs fans to see where you think we'll be going.

Will it be offensive line? Perhaps an offensive tackle or maybe even a guard or a center? Receiver seems to be high on the list as is nose tackle. Running back could be a dark horse candidate or maybe even cornerback.

There are a lot of different ways the Chiefs can go but as of now, one month out, there's no consensus on what positions the Chiefs need to draft. I feel you can make a compelling case for several positions.

If we haven't even nailed down the position yet then we're nowhere near nailing down a player yet. We've heard some of the names thrown around but, again, there's no consensus within the fan base.

So let's put it to a vote. One month out. Which position are the Chiefs taking?