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Kansas City Chiefs 2011 NFL Draft Picks

The news came out last Friday evening that the Kansas City Chiefs received an extra draft pick as part of the league's annual compensatory picks announcement. The Chiefs lost OL Wade Smith to free agency which allowed them to gain the seventh highest compensatory pick this year giving them the 199th pick in the draft.

The system is confusing, to say the least. Some have asked why other players, like G Ryan Lilja, RB Thomas Jones or C Casey Wiegmann didn't cancel out the pick received for Smith. It's because those players were released by their team -- they weren't scheduled to be unrestricted free agents. 

So the compensatory pick gives the Chiefs eight total draft picks in the 2011 NFL draft. They have the 21st overall pick in the first round, one second, third and fourth round pick, two fifth round picks, a sixth round pick (compensatory pick -- cannot be traded) and one seventh round pick.

The Chiefs had traded their sixth round pick, along with DE Alex Magee, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fifth round pick. The Chiefs also moved up in the fifth round courtesy of the Detroit Lions tampering (which is being appealed). 

The Jarrad Page trade was reportedly for a 2012 seventh round pick.

So that's eight total picks. I wonder what the chances are the Chiefs keep all eight of these picks by April 30th, the final day of the 2011 NFL draft.