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Former Notre Dame Linebacker Reportedly Coming To Kansas City For Workout

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Via his own Twitter feed, we have word that former Notre Dame linebacker Brian Smith is going to be in Kansas City on April 12th to work out with the Chiefs. We're still waiting to confirm if April 12th is going to be the date of the Chiefs' local prospect pro day. I mention this because Smith is a Kansas City area native. 

Smith was an outside linebacker in the Irish's 3-4 defense during the 2010 season, the original position he played for Notre Dame as a freshman. Two sub-par seasons at middle and inside linebacker reportedly stunted Smith's growth during his sophomore and junior seasons but he bounced back last year. 

Chris Smith. Brian's father, briefly played for the Kansas City Chiefs in the late 1980s as a fullback. After not doing much in the NFL, Chris Smith stuck around the Kansas City area to raise a family and run various businesses. 

Brian Smith is rated the 47th best outside linebacker by NFL Draft Scout and is not projected to be drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft.  Smith wasn't officially named a team captain in 2010 by his teammates but he was generally considered the emotional leader for the Irish during his tenure.