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Chiefs' Jim Zorn Working Out QB T.J. Yates

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The Kansas City Chiefs continue to look at quarterbacks and it's hard to figure out a rhyme or reason with their workouts. They have or will check out quarterbacks like QB Colin Kaepernick that are expected to be drafted in the first or second round while also keeping tabs on ones that are late round picks, if drafted at all.

We can add another one to the list: North Carolina QB T.J. Yates.

Agent Brian Ayrault wrote via Twitter shortly ago that Yates is "working out with Jim Zorn at UNC as I tweet this. Chiefs have shown a lot of interest in [T.J. Yates]."

I like this because Yates, while considered a late round guy, is a four-year starter out of UNC. There is a ton of tape on him so the Chiefs will have a good idea of what they're getting if they decide to pursue him. 

There's some data out there (via Football Outsiders) that two of the most important quarterback statistics that translate from college to the pros is games started and completion percentage. Yates fits the bill on both of those (although those stats are really geared to first or second round quarterbacks). 

It'll be interesting if GM Scott Pioli can find a Tom Brady or a Matt Cassel with a late draft pick again.