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Some Chiefs Players May Not Like A Rise In Onside Kicks

Earlier this week at the NFL owners meetings, there was a vote to tweak some of the kickoff rules. The vote passed so the kickoff is now at the 35-yard line instead of the 30-yard line. Logically speaking, this means there will be less kickoff returns.

Josh Looney of posted a story on Thursday with quotes from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley (check it out) and he predicts we'll see more onside kicks as a result of the rule changes.
"I think that onside kicks will definitely go up," Haley said, per Looney. "For the risk takers, there's just a little bit less risk involved."

If safety is the name of the game, several Chiefs players would disagree that onside kicks will help.

Chiefs CB Travis Daniels recently noted via Twitter that ESPN's Merrill Hoge said on Outside The Lines that more onside kicks will make the game safer. To quote Daniels: "What games [has] he been watching[?]"

"Those are by far the most unsafe plays in football," Daniels tweets. Chiefs OL Rudy Niswanger chimed in, "I am with ya. Onside kicks are the worst."

Onside kicks are fun for the fans but, if some Chiefs players had their way, we won't see an increase in that area.