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2011 NFL Mock Draft: The Tennessee Titans Select...

The 2011 Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft continues with ejr58 choosing for the Tennessee Titans at No. 8...

27. 25. 17. 26. 29. 20.

These are the numbers that practically negates all the good that comes with have Chris Johnson as your feature running back.
  • Total Offense: 27th
  • Pass Offense: 25th
  • Rushing Offense: 17th
  • Total Defense: 26th
  • Pass Defense: 29th
  • Rush Defense: 20th

Numbers never lie, and the numbers say when it comes to the Titans there are only 2 certainties: Chris Johnson is probably on some form of steroids, and the Titans need help. Lots of help. Frankly, with the 8th pick, the Titans can justify taking whoever the hell they want because they're gonna help. Vince Young is an absolute joke. A logical person would think that the millions he has sitting in the bank because he can throw an oddly shaped ball make for millions of reasons to shut his mouth, man up, and quit being a jackass. Replacing him has to be a high priority, but Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton are gone so forget it for now. Then again, maybe Young could be a serviceable QB if he had another reliable target opposite Kenny Britt. Alas, A.J. Green is gone. I firmly believe if you are going to take a wide out in the top 10 then he better become elite within 3 years. While Julio Jones will no doubt make the successful transition to the pro game, I just don't have faith in him ever making a big splash at the position.

On defense, Tennessee has been nursing the gaping whole left on the line by the departure of Albert Haynesworth. Nick Fairely would have been perfect. PERFECT! Surely the Titans would have loved to jump on Fairely's doughy belly and just bounce around like a 5 year old on one of those big, rubber exercise balls. It seemed like a match made in heaven. Fairely would get paid, and the Titans would get the half-hearted, overweight, DT that would only show up during contract years that they so desperately need. Unfortunately he is off to Cleveland to compare doughy physiques with Mike Holmgren.

So what does that leave us?

With the 8th pick in the 2011 ArrowheadPride Mock Draft, the Tennessee Titans select..........

Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

When you are actively competing for a playoff spot against the likes of Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub, ranking 29th in passing defense pretty much means you're screwed. Andre Johnson proved that he can scorch Cortland Finnegan AND beat him in a fist fight. I thought it was the highlight of the season, watching the man I will forever refer to as Mr. Johnson beat the crap out of that sorry excuse for a corner back. I would gladly take Dexter Mccleon in his KC years anyday over Finnegan.

Simply put, shutdown corners are hard to come by. Passing on Amukamara would turn out to be an absolutely awful idea. Last year, in the pass-happy Big 12, Amukamara only allowed 18 completions. E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N! That is just downright silly. While he didn't have a pick in 2010, he did manage 13 breakups last season and 5 ints in 2009. Again, the numbers do not lie, and they say "DON'T THROW AT AMUKAMARA!!!" As far as off the field, Prince is a devote Christian and a film junky. Who knows...maybe he will rub off a bit on Young and the rest of his contract can be salvaged.

In short, Prince Amukamara will make for a huge asset that will not only give Manning and Schaub fits, but also provide some much needed leadership on and off the field. There's also the distinct possibility that Mr. Johnson will shake his hand after a game, and not come at him like a spider monkey during a play.

Full Schedule And Results:

1. Carolina Panthers (ChiefsFan90s) - Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert

2. Denver Broncos (craig in calgary) - Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers

3. Buffalo Bills (Arrowdread) - Auburn QB Cam Newton

4. Cincinnati Bengals (Dirty South Chiefs Fan) - Georgia WR A.J. Green

5. Arizona Cardinals (tmurawsk) - Texas A&M OLB Von Miller

6. Cleveland Browns (H2E) - Auburn DT Nick Fairley

7. San Francisco 49ers (Another Successful Tedford QB) - LSU CB Patrick Peterson

8. Tennessee Titans (ejr58) - Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara

9. Dallas Cowboys (Royals Time) - Friday March 25th

10. Washington Redskins (nmchief) - Monday March 28th

11. Houston Texans (FalconMF27) - Monday March 28th

12. Minnesota Vikings (Raven Hawk) - Monday March 28th

13. Detroit Lions (Matt Hays) - Tuesday March 29th

14. St. Louis Rams (Sam D) - Tuesday March 29th

15. Miami Dolphins (YerganFlurgan) - Tuesday March 29th

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (GenericBrand) - Wednesday March 30th

17. New England Patriots (averagegatsby) - Wednesday March 30th

18. San Diego Chargers (Chiefscafan58) - Wednesday March 30th

19. New York Giants (flowers 24) - Wednesday March 30th

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PSUkegreen) - Thursday March 31st

21. Kansas City Chiefs (Matt_Grbac) - Thursday March 31st

22. Indianapolis Colts (saskwatch) - Thursday March 31st

23. Philadelphia Eagles (OnlyKCFanNVA) - Friday April 1st

24. New Orleans Saints (The Other Patrick Allen) - Friday April 1st

25. Seattle Seahawks (Simon from KC) - Friday April 1st

26. Baltimore Ravens (Ben S) - Monday April 4th

27. Atlanta Falcons (stagdsp) - Monday April 4th

28. New England Patriots (averagegatsby) - Monday April 4th

29. Chicago Bears (KillaCity107) - Tuesday April 5th

30. New York Jets (bradelli58) - Tuesday April 5th

31. Pittsburgh Steelers (scottchief) - Tuesday April 5th

32. Green Bay Packers (Aesthetist) - Wednesday April 6th

Round Two

33. New England Patriots (averagegatsby) - Wednesday April 6th

34. Buffalo Bills (Arrowdread) - Wednesday April 6th

35. Cincinnati Bengals (Dirty South Chiefs Fan) - Thursday April 7th

36. Denver Broncos (craig in calgary) - Thursday April 7th

37. Cleveland Browns (H2E) - Thursday April 7th

38. Arizona Cardinals (tmurawsk) - Friday April 8th

39.Tennessee Titans (ejr58) - Friday April 8th

40. Dallas Cowboys (Royals Time) - Friday April 8th

41. Washington Redskins (nmchief) - Monday April 11th

42. Houston Texans (FalconMF27) - Monday April 11th

43. Minnesota Vikings (Raven Hawk) - Monday April 11th

44. Detroit Lions (Matt Hays) - Tuesday April 12th

45. San Francisco 49ers (Another Successful Tedford QB) - Tuesday April 12th

46. Denver Broncos (craig in calgary) - Tuesday April 12th

47. St. Louis Rams (Sam D) - Wednesday April 13th

48. Oakland Raiders (mushin) - Wednesday April 13th

49. Jacksonville Jaguars (GenericBrand) - Wednesday April 13th

50. San Diego Chargers (Chiefsfaninca58) - Thursday April 14th

51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PSUkegreen) - Thursday April 14th

52. New York Giants (flowers 24) - Thursday April 14th

53. Kansas City Chiefs (Matt_Grbac) - Friday April 15th

54. Indianapolis Colts (saskwatch) - Friday April 15th

55. Philadelphia Eagles (OnlyKCFanNVA) - Friday April 15th

56. New Orleans Saints (The Other Patrick Allen) - Monday April 18th

57. Seattle Seahawks (Simon from KC) - Monday April 18th

58. Baltimore Ravens (Ben S) - Monday April 18th

59. Atlanta Falcons (stagdsp) - Tuesday April 19th

60. New England Patriots (averagegatsby) - Tuesday April 19th

61. Chicago Bears (KillaCity107) - Tuesday April 19th

62. New York Jets (bradelli58) - Wednesday April 20th

63. Pittsburgh Steelers (scottchief) - Wednesday April 20th

64. Green Bay Packers (Aesthetist) - Wednesday April 20th