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Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams Visiting Kansas City Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs continue to check out various players in preparation for the 2011 NFL draft. They can bring guys into Kansas City for a closer look and that's what they'll do with Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams, his agent told

The 5'9" 212-pound running back will visit Kansas City in early April and also has visits scheduled with the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins. He had a private workout with the Baltimore Ravens and has another scheduled with the New England Patriots.

He's projected as a late first or early second round pick so I'm not sure if the Chiefs would be ready to make that commitment to him. That said, this team is based on the run game so don't rule out them doing anything and everything to keep the momentum going on the ground.

Sometimes visits are done to get a better idea of where a player stands medically, if he's coming off of an injury. That could be the case with Williams, who lost four games in 2010 with a hamstring injury.

Thomas Jones is signed on for 2011 so running back doesn't seem like a significant priority right now but I've been wrong about GM Scott Pioli's plans before.

If the draft projections on him are correct, the Chiefs would likely need to use their first round pick (barring a trade).

(H/T Arrowheadlines)