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Chiefs Special Teamer Terrance Copper Hopes To Return

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The Kansas City Chiefs have 25 players without a contract heading into the 2011 season. We've seen the franchise tag used once and as many as 15 players could be restricted free agents depending on the new collective bargaining agreement.

There are also nine players scheduled to be unrestricted free agents regardless of the new CBA. One of those players scheduled to be unrestricted free agent is special teams ace Terrance Copper.

If he got his wish, he'd return to Kansas City

"We don't have any free agency right now because of the lockout," Copper said. "But my wife and kids love (KC). They're ready to go back right now. It's definitely a great place to play football."

It's possible his value has been decreased slightly with the new kickoff rule changes. Copper is a special teams guy and the rule changes will likely result in less kickoff returns which means the value of a special teams guy may not be as high.

We'll see if the Chiefs extend an offer to Copper to return. That answer will come when the lockout is over.

(H/T Arrowheadlines)