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Kansas City Chiefs Reportedly Have Workout Scheduled With Wyoming Wide Receiver

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Courtesy of Eric Schmoldt of the Casper Star-Tribune in Wyoming, we have a report that the Kansas City Chiefs have scheduled a workout with Wyoming WR David Leonard. The 6'3", 205 pound senior is a native of Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City, MO.

Leonard is ranked No. 162 in NFL Draft Scout's WR rankings. His best season was in 2009 when he had 77 receptions and three touchdowns. His best game last season came in a loss to San Diego State but Leonard came through big with seven catches for 75 yards. He had two touchdowns as well.

With Leonard being a Kansas City native, it's possible this workout is the local pro day the Chiefs have had in years past. It's a day where local college prospects, mostly extreme long shots to ever make an NFL roster, come to Arrowhead and show off their stuff for the Chiefs' scouts.

And, since you're wondering, Leonard was indeed a team captain. Expect an update on our draft interests table tomorrow, complete with team captain information.