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Chiefs Draft Prep Question: 'What Would You Rather Be, A Dog Or A Cat?'

In the lead up to the 2010 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins made waves for asking a certain question to WR Dez Bryant. The Kansas City Chiefs aren't asking anything of that nature but there are some oddball questions out there.

Take the example Iowa State C Ben Laamak talked about. The Cyclones held their pro day on Tuesday and a Chiefs scout was in attendance. He blogged about his pro day experience on and I found this tidbit interesting:

After the position drills were over, that pretty much wrapped up the day. I talked to a lot of the scouts afterwards and got some good feedback. I filled out some paperwork and did a personality test for the Kansas City Chiefs. Personality test!? I know I passed that with flying colors, haha. "What would you rather be, a dog or a cat?" I answered a dog of course.

I'm sure we have a personality test expert out there who can tell us what that means. I'd guess it's just meant to throw him off a little bit. Check out the full report at where Laamak has lots of details on his pro day.

Laamak is a 6'4", 302-pound center prospect that, according to NFL Draft Scout, likely won't be drafted.

(H/T Matt Hays for the heads up on the story)