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2011 NFL Mock Draft: The Buffalo Bills Select...

The 2011 Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft continues on with ArrowDread selecting for the Buffalo Bills at No. 3...

The entertainer. The icon. Cam Newton.

Newton is an outright SUPERFREAK. 6'6" and 250lbs with speed and a rocket arm, he steamrolls linebackers and outruns safeties. Dominated the SEC, which is just as good if not better than the NFC West. Heisman Trophy winner. National champion. Newton is the best QB since Tim Tebow.

Buffalo, a team on the verge of extinction, cannot afford to pass on a player of this caliber.

In addition to his freakish physical tools, Newton is already an icon. In a hype-filled AFC East, against media machine Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchize as well as Tom Terrific and Belicheat, its time for Buffalo to get their own superstar. Fitzpatrick is about as exciting as trip to the DMV. Cam Newton would finally get Rachel Nichols and all the other ESPN slaves up to Buffalo, and steal some headlines from media whores, Jets and Pats. Newton is the type of icon that can save a franchise. For a team on their way to Toronto, Newton can sell tickets, sell jerseys, bring the hype. After all, this is the NFL. Owners and players alike have shown us...its all about $$. Straight cash homey.

Haters and Right 53ers will call Cam Newton a liar, a cheat, a thief. All of the adversity he has faced has only strengthened his resolve. Newton did not steal the laptop. He was merely in possesion of stolen goods. And who hasnt intimidated a witness or two before? Everyone knows snitches get stitches. Newton was not unlike thousands of people when he was arrested for driving on a suspended liscense. And if he was kicked out of Florida for cheating, it just shows he is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

There is also the issue of the Pastor Pimp, Cecil Newton, whoring his son out for $180,000 in a pay-for-play scheme. A major concern with drafting QBs high is what a huge paycheck will do. You dont have to worry about what money will do to Cam Newton because he has already been getting paid for years, and had proven it will not affect him. His dad may be sleazy, but is no different than the sleazy agents he'll be dealing with his entire career. Under intense scrutiny all year, he never cracked under the pressure. Newton is prepared to deal with all of the off the field aspects of being a top pick. Chan Gailey is the key to the Bills taking Newton. Gailey made chicken salad out of chicken shit, and put up points with Tyler Thigbones.

Chan is one of the few coaches with the balls big enough to draft Newton.With Spiller and Newton, he can tailor an offense to have Newton playing from day one, and bring the razzle dazzle like the league has never seen. Newton has got next QB Eagles written all over him.

Freaks like this cannot be passed up. Ask the Portland TrailBlazers about passing on Durant. Cam Newton would instantly make the Bills relevant. Not only is he the best athlete in the draft, he is the biggest superstar. If the Bills ever hope to fund a new stadium and stay in Buffalo, they will need some noise in upstate Buffalo. Cam Newton is the once in a generation type of player that can save the Bills.

And if he busts, the team moves to Toronto. But I think they like hockey better anyway...


Full Schedule And Results:

1. Carolina Panthers (ChiefsFan90s) - Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert

2. Denver Broncos (craig in calgary) - Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers

3. Buffalo Bills (Arrowdread) - Auburn QB Cam Newton

4. Cincinnati Bengals (Dirty South Chiefs Fan) - Thursday March 24th

5. Arizona Cardinals (tmurawsk) - Thursday March 24th

6. Cleveland Browns (H2E) - Thursday March 24th

7. San Francisco 49ers (Another Successful Tedford QB) - Friday March 25th

8. Tennessee Titans (ejr58) - Friday March 25th

9. Dallas Cowboys (Royals Time) - Friday March 25th

10. Washington Redskins (nmchief) - Monday March 28th

11. Houston Texans (FalconMF27) - Monday March 28th

12. Minnesota Vikings (Raven Hawk) - Monday March 28th

13. Detroit Lions (Matt Hays) - Tuesday March 29th

14. St. Louis Rams (Sam D) - Tuesday March 29th

15. Miami Dolphins (YerganFlurgan) - Tuesday March 29th

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (GenericBrand) - Wednesday March 30th

17. New England Patriots (averagegatsby) - Wednesday March 30th

18. San Diego Chargers (Chiefscafan58) - Wednesday March 30th

19. New York Giants (flowers 24) - Wednesday March 30th

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PSUkegreen) - Thursday March 31st

21. Kansas City Chiefs (Matt_Grbac) - Thursday March 31st

22. Indianapolis Colts (saskwatch) - Thursday March 31st

23. Philadelphia Eagles (OnlyKCFanNVA) - Friday April 1st

24. New Orleans Saints (The Other Patrick Allen) - Friday April 1st

25. Seattle Seahawks (Simon from KC) - Friday April 1st

26. Baltimore Ravens (Ben S) - Monday April 4th

27. Atlanta Falcons (stagdsp) - Monday April 4th

28. New England Patriots (averagegatsby) - Monday April 4th

29. Chicago Bears (KillaCity107) - Tuesday April 5th

30. New York Jets (bradelli58) - Tuesday April 5th

31. Pittsburgh Steelers (scottchief) - Tuesday April 5th

32. Green Bay Packers (Aesthetist) - Wednesday April 6th

Round Two

33. New England Patriots (averagegatsby) - Wednesday April 6th

34. Buffalo Bills (Arrowdread) - Wednesday April 6th

35. Cincinnati Bengals (Dirty South Chiefs Fan) - Thursday April 7th

36. Denver Broncos (craig in calgary) - Thursday April 7th

37. Cleveland Browns (H2E) - Thursday April 7th

38. Arizona Cardinals (tmurawsk) - Friday April 8th

39.Tennessee Titans (ejr58) - Friday April 8th

40. Dallas Cowboys (Royals Time) - Friday April 8th

41. Washington Redskins (nmchief) - Monday April 11th

42. Houston Texans (FalconMF27) - Monday April 11th

43. Minnesota Vikings (Raven Hawk) - Monday April 11th

44. Detroit Lions (Matt Hays) - Tuesday April 12th

45. San Francisco 49ers (Another Successful Tedford QB) - Tuesday April 12th

46. Denver Broncos (craig in calgary) - Tuesday April 12th

47. St. Louis Rams (Sam D) - Wednesday April 13th

48. Oakland Raiders (mushin) - Wednesday April 13th

49. Jacksonville Jaguars (GenericBrand) - Wednesday April 13th

50. San Diego Chargers (Chiefsfaninca58) - Thursday April 14th

51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PSUkegreen) - Thursday April 14th

52. New York Giants (flowers 24) - Thursday April 14th

53. Kansas City Chiefs (Matt_Grbac) - Friday April 15th

54. Indianapolis Colts (saskwatch) - Friday April 15th

55. Philadelphia Eagles (OnlyKCFanNVA) - Friday April 15th

56. New Orleans Saints (The Other Patrick Allen) - Monday April 18th

57. Seattle Seahawks (Simon from KC) - Monday April 18th

58. Baltimore Ravens (Ben S) - Monday April 18th

59. Atlanta Falcons (stagdsp) - Tuesday April 19th

60. New England Patriots (averagegatsby) - Tuesday April 19th

61. Chicago Bears (KillaCity107) - Tuesday April 19th

62. New York Jets (bradelli58) - Wednesday April 20th

63. Pittsburgh Steelers (scottchief) - Wednesday April 20th

64. Green Bay Packers (Aesthetist) - Wednesday April 20th