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Chiefs Were Involved In Dexter McCluster's Back-To-School Decision

As most Kansas City Chiefs fans know by now WR Dexter McCluster is one of several Chiefs back at college finishing up his degree and, for McCluster, that's Ole Miss. He talked with the Clarion Ledger about his back-to-school experience and said something I found really interesting -- the Chiefs helped push him to finishing his degree.

"I wanted to come back, but I wasn't sure when," he said. "And they actually came to me and said 'You know what, Dexter, we see you only have this many classes, you can go and knock it out. How do you feel about it?' I said 'You know what, I might as well do it now.'"

Good for both sides. That's pretty cool to see considering the current labor situation. For every public snipe we hear from the owners and/or players, there are probably a dozen more situations like the Chiefs and McCluster that we don't hear about.

And before you think about enrolling at Ole Miss hoping to sit next to McCluster in class, you should know he doesn't actually go to class. At least not the traditional way. He tells the Clarion Ledger he meets with the teachers one-on-one because he's not allowed in class due to possibly being a distraction.

As someone who went back to school himself, I can imagine how difficult it is to get motivated to do what McCluster's doing -- and I'm not an NFL player. Good for him. I like these stories.

(H/T Arrowheadlines)