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The Annual Branden Albert Question Hits Kansas City

When the Kansas City Chiefs spent the 15th overall pick in OT Branden Albert in the 2008 draft, some suggested he should play guard, his college position. Instead, he went to left tackle and had a solid rookie campaign, yet there were still folks saying he should be moved to guard or right tackle. After year two, with the Chiefs holding the fifth overall pick in the 2010 draft, some said a left tackle (Bryan Bulaga anyone?) should be brought in moving Albert to guard or right tackle.

And now, after year three, it's the same thing. Should the Chiefs draft a left tackle and move Albert?

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star was in New Orleans this week and talked with Chiefs coach Todd Haley at the NFL owners' meetings. Check out his full story at the Star but it's the same Branden Albert question.

Albert has been in this weird area where he's playing well enough to avoid much criticism yet not playing at a high enough level where fans are still wondering if he should be moved to guard or right tackle.

Frankly, I'm not sure if you can or want to change anything. Albert was drafted as a guard and converted to tackle in his first year under the old regime. Haley came in, had him lose weight and kept him at left tackle for two seasons. As easy as it is for fans to pull and plug offensive linemen, it's not healthy to be moving players around.

What we know is that Haley has said several times that Albert played well last year, he worked hard and, as a whole, the offensive line had a good year. Until we hear or see otherwise, I'll assume Albert will be back at left tackle.That said, as I've said often, I'm rarely going to complain if the Chiefs continue to add talent and competition to the offensive line, regardless of whether it's a first, second or seventh round pick.