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Lions Did Appeal Chiefs Tampering Charge, Roger Goodell Says

The secret is over and we now know the Detroit Lions did appeal the ruling the NFL handed down last month that they had tampered with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to Tom Kowalski of and Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free-Press. Roger Goodell admitted the Lions' appeal during a press conference from the NFL owners meetings in New Orleans on Tuesday.

Before Goodell's press conference, Lions officials declined to address whether they had appealed the ruling, which came down on February 18. At the NFL Combine last month, head coach Jim Schwartz said he felt the league had reached the "wrong conclusion" in the case suggesting they may appeal but GM Martin Mayhew had some comments that suggested they wouldn't appeal.

So now we know they did appeal. Goodell said he hopes to review the matter when he gets back to his office.

What's in this for the Chiefs?

About 14 spots in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL draft. The Lions punishment was flipping fifth round picks from the Chiefs going from the ninth pick to the 23rd pick in the fifth round. The Lions also forfeited a seventh round pick.

If the appeal is successful, the Chiefs will go back to the 23rd pick in the fifth round.