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Which 2011 Opponent Could Get Chiefs Into Primetime On Opening Weekend?

In most years, primetime games for the opening weekend of the NFL season are announced at the owners' meetings that are going on right now. As we know, this isn't most years. We're not sure exactly why but they will not be making that announcement at the meetings this week.

But I wanted to pose a question to you anyway: if the Kansas City Chiefs can make it into primetime on opening weekend, who would be the most likely opponent?

Here are the Chiefs opponents for 2011:

Home opponents: San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Road opponents: San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts.

This one is easy if you ask me -- New England. The Matt Cassel vs. Tom Brady factor, GM Scott Pioli seeing his old team and New England Midwest vs. New England. There are a ton of story lines at play here.  Other possibilities, in my mind, would be San Diego or Oakland, especially if the second Monday Night Football opener is on the west coast like it usually is (last year was an exception).

What do you think? Who would be the most likely opponent if the Chiefs could make their way into primetime on opening weekend?