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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/22

 Good morning Chiefs fans! Lots of Chiefs and CBA news for you this morning. Enjoy!

The NFL’s failed labor negotiations and subsequent owner-imposed lockout of the players has claimed another victim. The Chiefs were to begin their offseason conditioning program Monday, but instead all was quiet at their Truman Sports Complex practice facility.

To those for whom the lockout seemed more of a concept than a reality, that perception changed in a hurry.

Without Lockout, Chiefs Conditioning Program Would've Started Monday from KC Star

 Ever since the rule came into effect, I've had a love-hate relationship with instant replay in the NFL. I know that I'm not alone, based on posts and e-mails that I've received over the years from fans also conflicted.

For 12 years it's been wonderful to see obvious errors on the field corrected by the eye in the sky. It only makes sense to give the zebras on the field the same resources that Joe Fan has at home in his man cave.

Leave Replay Alone... Tuesday Cup O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Data prepared in 2010 by PricewaterhouseCoopers and obtained Monday by the AP show that about $3.8 billion of the $7.2 billion in incremental revenue over those four years - 52.9 percent - went toward players' salaries and benefits.

The league and players agree on the $3.8 billion; they disagree on how to look at revenues. Setting aside the off-the-top expense credits - for things such as stadium improvements or NFL Network - makes the players' take a higher percentage.

NFL Players Got 53 Percent of Incremental Increase from KC Star

Kansas City Chiefs place-kicker Ryan Succop, a former South Carolina Gamecock, is returning to South Carolina for an athletic banquet.

Succop attends a banquet at The Citadel in Charleston on Tuesday benefiting the Lowcountry Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Chiefs, Former South Carolina Placekicker Ryan Succop  Attends Charleston Athletic Banquet from The Republic

"I think the point that Mike Vrabel made, even though it maybe wasn't too flattering to me, was a fair one," Pash said today at the NFL owners meetings. "The people who are writing the checks and the people who are cashing the checks should be at the table together. Let's have decision-makers at the table together."

Jeff Pash: "Lets Have Decision Makers at the Table Together" from National Football Post

Kenny Chesney huddled with football players like Joe Namath, Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys, Mike Vrabel of the Kansas City Chiefs, Wes Welker and Matt Light of the New England Patriots and Steve Hutchinson of the Minnesota Vikings at the launch of his Goin' Coastal tour in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Thursday (March 17).

Kenny Chesney Teams with Football Friends at Tour Opener from CMT

They played for a 1-11 team that struggled mightily during coach Larry Porter's first season.

Still, there was no hint of hopelessness Monday at the Murphy Athletic Complex as the duo participated in workouts at the school's annual Pro Day before about two dozen former teammates and under the watchful charts and stopwatches of NFL scouts from the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tigers' Skills on Display at Pro Day from Go Memphis Tigers

Brandon Carr is heading into his fourth professional football season in the NFL oblivious to a few things.

Not only is Carr unaware of what franchise he will be suiting up for this year -since he is a free agent-he's unsure if anyone in the entire league will be playing in 2011 with a potential NFL lockout brewing.

Carman's Brandon Carr Will Host Golf Scramble and 7-on-7 Shootout at Former High School from The Flint Journal

So, I think I understand it when an owner says, "Well you know, I'd like to keep the team in my family and therefore I'm not going to reap the benefits of selling it," but that's a choice.

That's a choice and what I'll leave you with is something that Mike Vrabel said in that mediation room to the owners, he said: "Unlike you, I can't will my linebacker position to my son in the same way that some of you received a team because of your birthright. I can't give my son a position on the Kansas City Chiefs. The only thing, I, as a current player, can bequeath is a safer and better game for the players who come after me. That's why the players of the National Football League made the decision that they made."

DeMaurice Smith Interview Transcript, Part 2 from Pro Football Talk

Today, Milleisen is one of the go-to bankers for JPMorgan Chase's sports business, which banks teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Cubs and New England Patriots.

"We have 30 teams and owners in our portfolio," he said.

Chase handles most of its sports from within its private bank, the group that handles super-wealthy individuals. It is from the private bank that Milleisen helped lead the loans to Chicago Cubs buyer Tom Ricketts and, last year, to the Colts and Chiefs.

Forty Under 40 from Sports Business Journal

Kaepernick has put himself into a very draftable position this April, but also faces critique extending beyond his control.

One of the primary issues is Nevada's pistol offense.

"I don't think our offense will directly translate, but I think we do a bunch of things as progressions, protections that are similar to [what] NFL teams do and we just call them something different," Kaepernick said. "I think picking up on terminology will be a big thing for me, learning what those mean as opposed to what we call things."

The very thing that thrust Kaepernick into the NFL spotlight is now something that the prospect is forced to defend.

Defending the Pistol from The Mothership