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KC Chiefs S Eric Berry Can Apparently Do It All

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The Kansas City Chiefs spent a draft pick on a defensive back many considered one of the best blitzers in all of the 2010 draft. His skill wasn't talked about much but some noted the extra blitzing attack he would provide for the Chiefs calling him the best blitzing defensive back in the draft class.

That player was Javier Arenas.

But it's not Arenas that's getting the media blitz (get it?) on his abilities as a pass rusher. Pro Football Focus ran the numbers on defensive backs that were "bringing the heat" and sitting atop the list is none other than Eric Berry.

Eric Berry can do it all - remember that performance in the playoffs where he was all over the field? Be sure to include this on his list: his turning 34.29% of his blitzes into some form of pressure led the league.    

That's 35 total blitzes and he created some sort of quarterback pressure on 12 of them. Impressive. For a comparison, McGraw blitzed 33 times and created some sort of pressure two times which was good for 46th place.