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Will Chiefs Come Back To Kansas City For NFL Lockout Workouts?

I follow a few Kansas City Chiefs players on Twitter and I noticed S Ricky Price ask S Donald Washington when he was going back to Kansas City, to which he replied he didn't know. That reminded me that the offseason program was scheduled to begin today for many NFL teams.

Several weeks ago (pre-lockout), S Eric Berry told the Kansas City Star that there were plans by some Chiefs players to potentially gather in Kansas City in early April for a workout, meeting or informal practice in the event of a lockout.

"We'll just come up then, find somewhere to work out or just see what's going on," Berry said. "I know we could work out somewhere. That's the date we kind of set to come up and either have a meeting or something to kind of get on the same page."

It's March 21st and, though things can (and hopefully will) change, it would appear the next movement on the labor front will come after an April 6th hearing in which the NFLPA will try to block the lockout.

So if the Chiefs are making lockout workout plans, I wonder if they'll wait until the results of that hearing. Or I wonder if they'll be coming to Kansas City anyway and practice, workout or meet as they wait the results of the injunction.

Either way, keep an eye out at your local high school or gym. It would be kinda cool to one day see the Chiefs working out.