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Good Luck Figuring Out Chiefs GM Scott Pioli's 2011 NFL Draft Plans

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli spoke with Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star at the NFL's annual league meetings in New Orleans, which starts on Monday and continue through Tuesday. The topic of Teicher's story is of course the NFL draft and where Pioli might be leaning.

Check out the full story here because, surprisingly, Pioli told Teicher the five players they're considering with the 21st pick.

....OK, you know that's a complete lie.

Pioli holds his draft day cards a little closer to his vest than that, but he did talk a little about his approach to the draft and the value of picking the best player available vs. need.

"For us, there is some combination of best player and need, but it's not the same formula every time. It's not always 50-50. Sometimes it's 70-30. Sometimes it's 80-20. That's part of the strategy when you're on the clock - knowing what other opportunities are out there."

In other words, good luck trying to figure out what Pioli is going to do. When the Chiefs had a top five pick in the last two years, we could get the discussion down to a few players (even though Tyson Jackson didn't come up as a real possibility until days before the draft). With the 21st pick, you could make a list of a dozen players and still not guess it right.

Check out Teicher's full story of the Star's website. There are a bunch of quotes from Pioli on his draft day philosophies.