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EA Madden '12 Cover Tournament, Round One: Jamaal Charles Vs. Tim Tebow

Getty Images for PepsiCo

Start your engines, Kansas City Chiefs fans. We have a vote to fix. The cover of EA's Madden '12 will be decided by a tournament-style vote with one candidate for all 32 teams seeded in two brackets 1-16. Coming in with the sixth seed is RB Jamaal Charles.

He draws a terrible matchup in round one as he'll face Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, who is one of the most popular NFL players (though he's done.....nothing in the NFL). Unfortunately, if I were a betting mean (or, more accurately, if they had odds on the Madden cover), I'd have to guess Tebow wins round one.

But that won't stop us from trying. Go here to vote for Charles and send him to the second round.

There are some weird candidates on this list. For example, the Carolina Panthers representative is OT Jordan Gross. That's their best candidate? The Seattle Seahawks candidate is the...12th man? Seriously. You can't make this up.

The voting for the opening round goes from today to March 27th. Vote!