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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/21

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Good morning Chiefs fans, and Happy Spring (with a special shout out to Mother Nature for today's wintry mix)! There aren't a lot of stories in today's Kansas City Chiefs news, but we do have some real content. Read on and enjoy.

"I won't allow us to ever fall into the trap that we have to do something that is such a short-term, temporary solution," Pioli said. "If you become overly short-sighted at any point in time, then I'm abandoning the core philosophy of why I was brought here.

"Yes, we need to fill needs. But I'm not going to go so need-based that we make short-term decisions. For us, there is some combination of best player and need, but it's not the same formula every time. It's not always 50-50. Sometimes it's 70-30. Sometimes it's 80-20. That's part of the strategy when you're on the clock - knowing what other opportunities are out there."

 Despite Labor Strife, Chiefs Focus on Long Term Goals from KC Star

This year, the NFL owners have ditched the beach, golf course and parties in favor of the Crescent City of New Orleans. It's going down at the renovated Roosevelt Hotel just across Canal Street from the French Quarter. It's actually a hotel where a room can be found most days for less than $200 a night.

Don't think the league is suddenly slumming. They'll still be throwing around their wallets at places like Commander's Palace and Galatoires, but it's a league get-together with a different feel. Certainly a good time can be had in the French Quarter, but these are troubled times in pro football and with the labor situation in the toilet, it would not be good to taunt the fans with piña
coladas around the pool and late night strolls down Bourbon Street.

A Business Meeting... Monday Cup O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

"It's a personal thing," said Carl Peterson, who spent 20 years as the president of the Kansas City Chiefs. "I remember when I was with the Chiefs. Forbes Magazine would call every so often and want to verify some numbers. I'd say, 'Listen, they're not a public company. They're a private company and they don't want their finances disclosed.'

"I think a number of owners have intertwined some of their football business with some of their other businesses. They're not interested in getting into that. They feel they've opened their books for years to their partners (other teams and the NFLPA). They've showed them all of their revenue and many of their costs. They don't know why they should have to open them more than that."

Why NFL Teams' Books are a Sticking Point in Labor Dispute from The Sacramento Bee

Ward was not drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft but Ward was chosen in the 1st round of the 1994 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks. An inquiry was made during Ward's rookie year with the Knicks to become the backup quarterback for Joe Montana of the Kansas City Chiefs, but Ward declined. I guess basketball is a longer, less painful career choice. I'm glad for him but always wondered how good he would have been in the NFL.

LeBron James, All-Pro Tight End: And Other Decisions Athletes Could Have Made from Eastern Iowa Sports and Rec

While private workouts with prospects are commonplace in the weeks leading up to the draft, the Chiefs' scheduled workout with TCU QB Andy Dalton is particularly intriguing. Following a successful pro day that likely vaulted his draft stock quite a bit, Dalton is slated to perform privately for at least a half-dozen teams. Kansas City's interest, however, could indicate that the club is ready to move on from backup QB Brodie Croyle, who struggled in 2010 and is scheduled to hit the free-agent market. While signalcaller is not atop the Chiefs' offseason priority list, they learned the importance of having a competent No. 2 QB when Matt Cassel missed time last season.

Raiders Determined to Keep RB Bush from Yahoo! Sports

As is the case each year, NFL owners, head coaches and general managers will gather for league-wide meetings beginning on Sunday. This year's session will be held at The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana and continue through Tuesday afternoon.

In addition to labor-related matters that are bound to be addressed, three proposed rule changes are on the agenda as well. Amongst the proposals is a rule change that would drastically alter kickoffs and special teams play.

Rule Re-Writes Up for NFL Vote from The Mothership