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Chiefs K Ryan Succop Says It's Business As Usual Despite NFL Lockout

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Other than Mike Vrabel, who's involved in the NFL labor talks, Kansas City Chiefs players have been awfully quiet. K Ryan Succop spoke with the Post and Courier this week making him the first Chief to talk publicly since...I'm not sure when. At least it feels like it's been a while.

Succop, like everyone else, says he's going about his business as usual.
"I'm just working the same way I normally would. Still training, still working hard and just getting ready the way I normally would. But we're supposed to be careful about what we say about all of that."
A cynic may wonder why they would need to be careful about what they say if they're not doing anything wrong. It could also suggest that rarely seeing any Chiefs players speak publicly is not a coincidence. The lockout has caused everyone to clamp down on what they say because anything can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion (as you can tell by this very post).

Succop says he trains in South Carolina for the offseason because the weather tends to be nicer but he's missing an absolutely beautiful day in Kansas City today. Just wait til it snows next week.