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Chiefs Will Reportedly Work Out North Carolina H-Back

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The Kansas City Chiefs continue to scout players from all sorts of schools on all sorts of levels at all sorts of positions. The latest, according to Aaron Wilson of National Football Post, is North Carolina fullback Ryan Taylor.

Per Wilson, Taylor will work out for Chiefs tight ends coach Bernie Parmalee on Wednesday.

Once again, versatility is the word. Taylor is 6'3" and 250 pounds and has been described as a fullback, tight end or h-back. He's also played some reserve linebacker so he seems like one of those guys that can fill in at multiple spots.

He's projected as a late seventh round pick or an undrafted free agent (although if the new labor deal isn't worked out, there won't be any UDFA signings).

He redshirted in 2009 because of a knee injury so there's some medical questions as well. Assuming he checks out medically, he seems to fit into the profile of the players the Chiefs have been looking at.

The Chiefs have a pair of fullbacks on the roster right now. Mike Cox was tendered while, according to reports, Tim Castille was not.