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Bernard Pollard Will Hit Free Agency

If there is a free agency at some point this year, it sounds like Bernard Pollard's name will be there. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports the Houston Texans didn't offer a tender to two players -- Pollard was one of those players.

I remember writing this post on September 5th, 2009 about the Chiefs roster cuts. That was the day Pollard was cut from the Chiefs and his name was by far the biggest surprise of the day. In fact, I'd argue that is the most surprising cut we've seen in the Scott Pioli era.

Everyone remembers the rest of the story. The Chiefs started Mike Brown at safety in a miserable year to be a Chiefs safety, while Pollard went onto to receive a lot of praise for his impact on the Texans defense. The following season, out is Brown and in is Eric Berry. And Pollard...part of a near historically bad Texans pass defense.

Pollard to Brown to Berry. 

Interesting transformation.