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NFL, NFLPA Will Meet On Thursday Morning

[UpdateAlbert Breer of NFL Network reports the NFL's contingent, without many of the owners and NFLPA, are also meeting tonight with the mediator.]

In the last update we provided on the NFL lockout, there had been no decisions on whether the NFL and NFLPA would meet Thursday for another negotiation session under the eye of a federal mediator, however hopeless a last-minute deal appears.

The good news is that the two sides will indeed be meeting again. Jim Trotter of reports they will undergo another mediation session on Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. (Arrowhead time).

The current labor deal expires on Thursday night.

We'll continue updates on the labor situation as they come in over these final hours but the chances of getting a deal done before the current deal expires aren't looking good at all, but I suppose talking is better than not talking.

We're headed for something. Lockout? Decertification? Both? Something.

As we get closer and closer to a lockout, my anger level continues to rise. How could they screw this up?