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Latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft Has Chiefs Looking At Defensive Line, Again

The NFL lockout has ruined yet another portion of our offseason -- mock drafting. Usually we'll check out a ton of mock drafts on the Kansas City Chiefs but the lockout has taken all the room in the news desk lately (and by news desk, I mean the chair in my living room where I sit during the day).

Well, let's forget the lockout for a few minutes and check out the latest 2011 NFL mock draft at Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings has authored the latest piece and he makes a change from his pre-Combine mock draft where he had the Chiefs going offensive line.

In this post-Combine mock draft, it's defensive line:
Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State. A meniscus injury has many writing off Paea as a first-round possibility; that is misguided. Paea can flat-out play - and the strength on display in his bench workout has long made him a 3-4 nose possibility. He's an upgrade over Ron Edwards.    

Paea was the one that broke the bench press record at the Combine so he has some momentum. This would be the third first round defensive linemen selected in the last four years. The defensive line is important, I'm not questioning that, but it just seems like a lot.