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All's Quiet On The Prospect Front For The Kansas City Chiefs

If you followed the Kansas City Chiefs' NFL draft news during this time period last season, you're probably noticing a big difference between last year's news coverage and this year's. As in, there is a lot less of it. 

For some reason, the news about what prospects the Kansas City Chiefs are talking with at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine, and rumors of what players they may be interested in, has only amounted to a trickle of information. One year ago at this time, we had tracked 36 college prospects that the Chiefs had made contact with or were rumored to be interested in. 

Fast forward to this year and we've only caught wind of 13 players the Chiefs have met with or shown an interest in. So it's not just your perception. There really is a lot less news this year about the Chiefs and what prospects they're interested in.

So why is this the case? What changed from last year to this year? 

To be honest, I'm not really sure. Maybe the Chiefs' brass told the prospects they spoke with to keep quiet. Then again, maybe less people are interested in who the Chiefs are talking with this year because they have the 21st overall pick, instead of the No. 3 or No. 5 pick. Either one of those scenarios is plausible, in my opinion. 

Do you have any thoughts on why there is so much less news this year around what the Chiefs are doing? Is it the lockout?