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More NFL Free Agents Hitting The Market

Business in the NFL will effectively (or actually) stop on March 4th the day after the expiration date of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between NFL owners and NFL players. Up until that date, though, teams can still do business, and that includes cutting players.

We noted the other day a number of veterans that were released by the New York Jets and Chicago Bears. Those names included DT Tommie Harris, NT Kris Jenkins and LB Jason Taylor, among others. 
The latest names hitting the market include Atlanta Falcons WR Brian Finneran and CB Brian Williams, who have both been told they're not coming back, Washington Redskins G Derrick Dockery and Cowboys DE Marcus Spears and S Gerald Sensabaugh.

What do these guys have in common? They're veterans and they were getting a good paycheck. I'm not sure that the Chiefs have anyone who fits that category that would be expendable. G Brian Waters is a veteran with a sizable paycheck but he's too valuable to cut.

Now that we're seeing teams release players, and we're talking about strategic moves, I'm itchin' for free agency. It is time for these two sides, the owners and players, to get their act together and come to an agreement. 
My anger level about this whole situation is increasing quickly.