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Baylor DT Phil Taylor Setting Up 2011 NFL Draft Visits, Workouts

Baylor DT Phil Taylor has been a somewhat popular NFL mock draft pick for the Kansas City Chiefs and he's busy setting up workouts and visits with teams. Aaron Wilson of National Football Post reports Taylor has six visits and five private workouts set up.

Are the Chiefs one of those teams?

I wish I could tell you but I have no idea. I'd imagine the Chiefs have, at a minimum, some curiosity in Taylor and, at a maximum, full blown interest in him.

Current nose tackle Ron Edwards will be 32 years old when the next season starts (if it ever starts, thanks NFL and NFLPA) and if the season started tomorrow he wouldn't be a Chief -- Edwards is not under contract next season.

Presumably, the Chiefs will bring Edwards back because it doesn't seem to be their style to leave themselves vulnerable, which would be the case if they didn't have a nose tackle under contract. Nose tackles aren't usually the type whose game can immediately translate to the next level.

So keep an eye on the nose tackle prospects in this draft. I'm guessing -- not reporting -- that Edwards will be back. But that doesn't mean the Chiefs won't be in the market for a nose tackle for 2011 and beyond.