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Chiefs Set Up Workout With Lehigh G Will Rackley

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Lehigh University senior offensive lineman Will Rackley confirmed in his NFL draft journal on that he has the Kansas City Chiefs on his pre-draft visit list. Here's what he wrote (it may need some translation):

I have workouts with about seven teams. My first workout is Monday March 21st with the Browns. Then I have one with the Jaguars and Patriots on March 23rd, Jets on March 28th, an AFC team who wants to remain anonymous on March 30th, Chiefs on April 1st, and Dolphins and Lions on the 5th. I have a visit with the Cowboys on April 5th, Browns on April 10th, and Rams on April 13th.

Are we sure the Chiefs aren't the AFC team that wanted to remain anonymous? Seriously. We've heard teams, the Chiefs and Patriots specifically, don't like this type of information broadcast publicly.

Anyway, Rackley played offensive tackle at Lehigh though many are saying he'll move to guard in the pros. That means he's got some versatility and an ability to play multiple positions. I'd be curious what kind of skills he has at center as well.

He's 6'3", 309 pounds and figures to be a third roundish pick.

We'll have an updated version of our Chiefs draft interests chart today.

(H/T Larryemcdaniel)