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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/19

Good morning Chiefs fans, and happy weekend! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

As for who was responsible for the disappointing and underperforming '09 Draft class, that falls to one person and one person only - Scott Pioli. I've written this before, but I'll repeat myself. Had Pioli come into the building and listened to the personnel people who were already on site, he would have never drafted Jackson, Magee, Washington, Colin Brown or Quinten Lawrence. That group had only Jackson as worthy of a draft choice, and not as a first round choice.

But Pioli paid no attention to the previous scouts. He basically sat on them for four months, ignored their information and relied on the material he brought with him from New England. When the draft was over, he bounced all but two of them. The others he never gave them a chance.

 Answer Bob - 3/19 from Bob Gretz

Former Red Land High School and Georgia Tech standout Mike Cox is one player from the NFL family waiting to see when this is going to end. The Kansas City Chiefs bruising fullback took time out from his offseason schedule to talk about the current situation of America's most favorite sport.

Q: I take it that your team representatives have been keeping you informed with the NFL labor happenings.
A: Our player reps Mike Vrabel, Andy Studebaker, Jon McGraw and Rudy Niswanger have been doing a great job of letting us know what's going on and what the next move will be. We're well-represented on the labor situation. They send us emails and my wife, Dana, was recently on a conference call for all the players around the country.

Mike Cox, NFL Players Wnant to Get a Fair Deal from Owners from

In the movie "Gladiator" Proximo told Maximus to win the crowd so that he'd earn his freedom.

Kansas City isn't Rome, but Arrowhead is a coliseum. Fans fill it to watch the Chiefs do battle. The Chiefs haven't always been the best, but Kansas City fans are loyal. They love their teams, but that's the message. It's the memo that both sides need to get, because while the owners and players negotiate, it's the most important score.

Brown: Some Things Souldn't Be Compared from The Examiner

Titus Young, Kansas City, 55th overall (Second round)

Although they're both big-play threats, no one's ever going to confuse Dwayne Bowe or Dexter McCluster for Mike Wallace or DeSean Jackson. Young represents one of the better big-play threats of recent drafts, particularly as far as deep routes. A role in that specialty wouldn't be challenged in Kansas City, but it wouldn't necessarily entitle Young to a big role in the Chiefs' offense. It ran more often than any other in the NFL last year.

NFL Draft: Fantasy Forecast from FOX Sports

Two NFLPA representatives from the Indianapolis Colts (middle linebacker Gary Brackett and wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez) were so irked Thursday after reading Goodell's letter that they worked overnight crafting an email response to all of their teammates that was sent early Friday morning. Brackett and Gonzalez refuted Goodell's claims of what the league offered the NFLPA before negotiations ended last week and a lockout began.

"Looking at what commissioner Goodell sent out, it would be pretty easy for guys to say, 'You know what? This actually looks pretty decent,'" Gonzalez said. "But we know as advocates for our players that we need to go point-by-point on this letter and show them how deceptive this really is.

"Deceptive isn't the word. To say there are half-truths in that letter is ambitious. They're like quarter-to-less truths. We're trying to fill in the gaps."

NFL Players: Goodell's E-mail "Deceptive" from FOX Sports